Focused on executing complex security trades, providing portfolio managers with ongoing information related to the market and trading environment, providing risk management and trade opportunities analysis, providing dialogue and strategies related to execution and investment opportunities. Opportunistic and timely trading under tense market and environmental conditions. Our team understands the challenge on Stock Lending and delivers accurate and timely solutions to our clients needs.

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Portfolio Margin

Using our real-time margin system, customers are able to increase their leverage. Calculations are done in real time for U.S. stocks, OCC stock and index options and U.S. single stock futures positions throughout the day based on the real-time price of the equity positions in the Portfolio Margin account.

Portfolio and Risk based margin. Conservative portfolios have lower margin requirements compared to risker portfolios.
Must have at least $5,000,000.00 in account equity
Initial and maintenance margin requirements are the same. There is no additional capital needed to enter a position.
Margin can range from 8% to 20% for equities.